Why Mounted Labs?
We solve meaningful problems with great people.
Unlock the Possibilities
Mounted Labs is a digital innovation firm. We provide strategy, workflow design and data-driven software solutions for dynamic organizations. What we love is building a business that supports the development of the community and helps our own team pursue their passions.
We are reimagining how people and companies solve problems together and are writing our own version of the future of work.
1. Work needs to have an impact and the fruit of your own labor tastes the sweetest.
2. We believe in being hands-on, experimenting in real life environments, and building lifelong relationships.
3. We believe with the right group of people anything is possible.
4. We also believe that “The Work” needs to matter, be meaningful and help both our customers and our own team grow personally and professionally.
5. Culture is king and we have a few beliefs we live by everyday.
Below is our creed and we encourage our customers, partners and team to hold us accountable. Call us out if we stray far from the path. Businesses are built by people and all amazing journeys begin with amazing people. As a company, a shared belief system is transformative. Below you will find the type of people and company we are building here at Mounted Labs.
Ideas Are Our Currency
An idea is nothing more nor less than the combination of two elements. However, the secret is sharing ideas is the compound interest of hope and promise. We share freely. Collaborate often. And, live in the intersection of “Imagine if” and “ what if.”
Be Long Term Greedy
Decision making at every level of an organization is skewed by short term thinking. However, the best way to build relationships, build businesses and do what’s right is to be long term greedy…what is your end goal? What does business success look like to you?
Family First
Family comes first. No matter what. Our work family and our home family - they are why we do this. You are part of our work family.
Profit Gives Us Resources
Profit is required for sustainability. Profit is required to help people. Profit is required to do produce epic results! We do not sell hours and transactions. We are not afraid to make a profit and we encourage our team to have hard conversations with customers so everyone can win.
Do The Right Thing Always
Our North Star for every challenging situation is “Do The Right Thing, Always.” No matter what! It may not be easy but it will be right. We want to earn your respect and your business.
Keep Your Negative Energy Out Of My Positive World
Smile. Be Positive. We are a team of eternal optimists. So many great ideas, plans and dreams are crushed by one negative comment. Be real, be practical, and realize you are one conversation away from great things.
You Are The Company You Keep
Our team, partners, customers, vendors, contractors and community are mirrors we see ourselves in. We only want to be associated with those people and organizations who share our outlook of the world and our beliefs about building relationships and businesses. Look around… are you in good company?
Belly to Belly Wins Ballgames
We found that conversations remain surface deep when we live behind the screen. Meeting face-to-face (belly-to-belly) is where you learn, observe, be vulnerable and be transparent. It is raw and it is real. It’s how things get done.
Nothing Great Happens Without A Conversation
Absolutely nothing great happens in this world without a conversation. Seek out those conversations, embrace them, build on them and connect the dots in the process. You are one conversation away from changing your world.
Take The First Step
Our business is built on solving problems and being helpful. We would love the opportunity to have a conversation and learn more about your business challenges. Then, let’s work together on finding an equitable way to work together.