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Digital Transformation Strategy
We transform how businesses work and bring them into 2019 and beyond. The technical and digital landscape is constantly changing. We help organizations develop Digital Transformation Plans, help vet the best technology and aid in identifying opportunities for transformational growth.
Digital Strategy
Our consulting services help create a comprehensive and cohesive digital strategy. Improving your team's efficiency, productivity, and reimagining how data drives productivity.
Experience Design
Digital Transformation starts with people… your own team and your customer community. We create meaningful experiences that realigns who you are with what you do with leading-edge technology.
Development and Engineering
Based on the digital transformation strategy, our team makes things happen by creating custom interfaces and layers to present the right data at the right time and develop integrations with existing systems and applications.
Analytics and Measurement
We bring data to life and build the analytics platform for leadership to track, monitor and gain insights about your operations.
Workflow + Automation
We help you connect the dots. Reimagining how your teams work and your customers experience your brand. Our team observes a “day in the life” of your operation and provides a comprehensive Workflow Roadmap, implementation services, technology scouting and workflow management so you can focus on what matters most.

Solutions often start by eliminating paper in an operation or eliminating static spreadsheets and evolve into fully automated, modern solutions that redefine how the original task was completed.

Our approach is “people first, data-driven innovation.” The user experience matters most both to your team and your customer. We help you reinvent work and generate massive growth opportunities in the process.

Workflow Design Maps
Data Integration Services
Technology Selection and Integration
Process and Productivity Optimization
Transition Alternative Analysis
Engineering and Code
Development and Software Engineering
We bring ideas to life. The Mounted Labs team are experts in building fast, end-to-end, responsive and innovative applications. We love creating custom software solutions to help your company be better. We solve problems with effective use of data.

Many of our software engineering projects leverage our team to design “LAYERS.” Layers are configurable lenses or interfaces for you to be able to see, process, visualize and take action with your data. They are powerful tools to bring valuable insight from your data, in real-time. Layers are able to be combined with multiple data sources, progressive web apps and mobile applications to create comprehensive end-to-end solutions with user experience on the forefront of each decision.

We leverage a broad range of leading-edge technologies to bring you the best of mobile and the web.

Mobile Applications
Progressive Web Apps
Analytics, Dashboard and Layers
Integration Services
Scorecard Solution Development
Engineering and Code
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